Monday, June 18, 2012

Had a Super Father's Day

Hey there my crafty pals, I hope everyone have a great Father's Day weekend.. I most ours was pretty SUPER!! I decide to do some Superhero themed Father's Day projects with my kiddos. First, I went to Hobby Lobby for some Superhero supplies (felt & fabric) to make costumes for some fun photos:

Photo Shoot Supplies:

Masks (Check)
Cuffs (Check)
Capes (Check)
2 Adorable Kiddos (Double Check)

Here's the Pics I got :

 Too Cute, Right!!
It's was a total blast taking these pics and after the photo shoot my Superhero's defeated the Supervillain Mom-inator (sorry it was the only name I could think of at the time, lol) which was also a blast!!! 
So, after our pictures were developed I created a card with one of the pics inside (which was hard to choose one)...

I had to hand write my card because my printer wasn't working :oP

Finally, we wrapped daddy's gift in brown paper and decorated it with their little hands..

All in all, I think my husband really enjoyed his Father's Day and 
we had a lot of fun making it special for him..

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you like what you saw ..
Stop back by anytime :0)
Scrappy ((HUGS))
Amanda :o)

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Michele said...

So sweet Amanda!! Tracing your kids hands on the paper is a such a great idea!! :) P.S. I miss your Gettin' Scrappy Challenges.